34" MAD POP Top Deck

$85.95 $65.95

Warning - Explosive

Use only without adult supervision. This board is highly addictive. Go crack some body parts. Do not disassemble, you will be bitten. Light fuse, BLOW S%!& UP, and throw down your sickest flip tricks. When fuse is lit, watch the F%@# OUT. If your friend wants to share, tell them to get their own. May cause blank stares of confusion and disorientation.

  • 7-ply hard maple
  • Fiberglass top and bottom
  • Steep kick - nose and tail
  • Deep concave
  • Centered truck stance

Deck Size and Truck Hole Pattern:

34 3/8" x 8 7/8" - 1 5/8" x 15" & 17"