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As many of you know, as of Dec 31, 2018 Predog Snowskate will be closing shop. I want to personally thank all of you for supporting not only Predog, but more importantly this niche snow sport that we have all come to love for it's freedom and innovation to riding binding free.

Predog has strived to bring you the absolute best in Snowskate technology. Our ideas were created by the professor and then put through rigorous R&D cycles by OG Snowskater Matt Quam and the rest of our crew, to ensure that every Predog Snowskate product preforms at the level that you expect. 

Thank you all for your support!

- Jim

Unparalleled Thinking

Here at Predog Snowskate, we offer Snowskates and snowskate accessores that are unlike any other. We are dedicated to the evolution of this sport and provide products that are light and loaded with pop! We are your one-stop snowskate shop. These are just a few reasons Predog is the right choice for you. So stop thinking about getting a Snowskate, grab a Predog and experience the precision and quality of handcrafted snowskates and accessories.

You will not be disappointed on how well they rip up the slopes.

Dream no more.

You've seen snowskates in the lift line and have wondered... what is that? You've secretly asked yourself and your friends, ..."can you really ride down the mountain on that thing? How do you stay on without bindings?" Then you see a snowskater blast an ollie, land a rail, or blow through waist deep powder and your curiosity gets the best of you... Surfers and skaters have been doing it for years.

The obsession is settling in, and you ask yourself, where can I get one?